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Mitsubishi Electric
At present, Mitsubishi Electric's servo system, industrial robots, GOT man-machine interface and other product lines have been deployed Ivymobi application for the sales staff. doubling sales opportunities ,order rate has improved "
Market Leader of Mitsubishi Electric Automation
Xugong Group
"Ivymobi system is stable, easy to operate, full-featured, after deployed ivymobi, increase sales efficiency multiples times The product information content of the viewing frequency rose sharply,Customer success rate and customers take the initiative in their own network to share the product are greatly improved,Great reduced 22% of market budget "
Xugong Group Road Machinery Division & mdash; Ping Tao
"Have you been carrying a pile of product sample walking on the street? "
Have you ever learned that the information has been obsolete?
Have you experienced the same document has sent more than 10 times, and they asked again after 2 days?
Have you experienced after training a new salesperson for a long them but he still can provide answer to the customers?

These 500 companies are using Ivymobi to solve the problem of above

Case: Siemens Case: ABB Case: Mitsubishi Case: Schneider Electric Danfoss Neusoft XCMG

For sales department

  • cCollaborate with the marketing department to obtain product information and marketing content in a timely, accurate and complete manner
  • shorten new employee training time , allow the new employee understand the product quickly by distributing the relevant documents and interactive content
  • Accurately deliver differentiated value of the product through rich content presentation, more likely to impress customers
  • Use behavioral statistics to understand customer needs through reading, sharing and so on improve sign success rate
  • Understand of the way employees work timely ,summed up the good experience to share in the team, improve the overall efficiency significantly
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For the market sector

  • Unified management for a variety of product information and marketing copy of the contents information is no longer chaotic
  • Collaborate with sales department ,the latest marketing content,transmitted to the market timely, accurately and completely.
  • Access to product marketing data in the use of the depth of statistical data, content structure of optimized marketing information
  • Accurate analysis of marketing information content for sales help,to provide a basis for the development and adjustment of marketing communication strategy
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For channel management department

  • Collaborate with partners to provide partners with timely and accurate product information and marketing content in a simple and intuitive way
  • shorten the training time of new channel , let the new partners quickly understand the product by distributing the relevant documents and interactive content
  • , through data analysis to identify which partners are actively selling your products, optimize channel resources, and accelerate your business
  • understand the way of channels work, summed up good experience within the company and share with partners , improve the overall efficiency significantly
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