Ivymobi allows product information to be delivered faster, accurate, perfect and cost effectively

Product information can be updated in real time, unified maintenance

Through the visualization platform to achieve product sample information management. Multiple updates with one maintenance,to ensure that customers read first-hand product information.Farewell to the rough information request way, as "customer asked sales, sales asked the market, the market search hard drive."

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Good product requires more colorful interactive displays

Easy to achieve 3D engine, video, 360 ° Atlas and other variety of carriers in all directions to present the value of the product.Generate powerful interactive product samples rapidly, allows unprecedented improvement in reading experience

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Product selection is no longer difficult

Through the selection of making production tools,any logical product selection can complete with only few steps, without study selection guide, easy to get started.

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Does not rely on the network environment

Subway, elevator and other weak network or non-network environment can also use most of the functions. All cache or on-demand cache by your choice.

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Good sales performance started in a more rapid transmission of information

Any product content support e-mail, SMS, WeChat, QQ, microblogging, straight sweep two-dimensional code, etc.Share and sell the products on-the-go, at anytime, anywhere

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Tracking customer behavior in all directions, collecting customer feedback

Overall, the full range of product statistics produced by user helps the managers to reverse product marketing strategy from the results.

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App or public number ? Say no to difficult decision.

Seamless support for iOS,Android, WeChat public number and multi-platform deployment. No implementation required, ready to use.

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Good software + high quality service, this is ivymobi

Need to customize the interface and content? 4A-level visual design and front-end development team can provide customized services. Encountered technical bottleneck during the use? Implementation consultant team provide 7/24 supports.Worry about data security? Ali cloud platform professional data services as your escort. Worry-free, help to achieve success.

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